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She is an heir to the dark throne,
as she dances all night and live for life,
so wick your candles and stand by her side,
or kneel like the others before the ocean tide,

and whisk into the forest and seek for your queen,
as by the blood-moon searches for its army,
make sure you were not to be seen,
as we blow the horns to call upon the dead,
and wish for the darkest night,
but try not to loose your head,

as everyone is on their way, dragging themselves into the darkness
as they assemble along the river, lighting candles throughout the night
as the good lights are at home, hiding in fright
they would not dare to come out,
until they could see the light of day,
as they sit in their beds, and chairs,
praying that they would not be slayed,

but the queen is coming at your door, looking for more cure,
to bring her true love back, as she is hunger for more,

It is just the beginning, and it is not the end,
lets all gather and hold hands, and curse the queen away
before it is too late, before she spread hate,
all across this land of ours, lets hope for a hero,
that would be here to help, as some where out there,
she is ready to fight and yelp...
Dark Moon - Part One

A new Dark Queen has risen and looking for innocents life to be soldier but somewhere within the darkness, there is a light that will shine through evil. This is a journey of a girl who will save all man kind and she is determine.
Time Zone

This artwork was my dedication to a new found friend, sis Marina. She is such a lovely person and I hope she likes it. Thank you so much sis for all the friendship! 

Model : -- Random Model PNG by assjay

Clock : -- Texture Pack (11) S T E A M P U N K by elyssafawn

Flower : -- stock pack 001 (15 large stocks) by  footlongisland



Journal Addict
alsa haslinda
proud malaysian. loves the photoshop, music, tv, reading, writing, coffee and so much more. family is my main priority in life, as well as hail empress of all jpop, ayumi hamasaki, paramore and one ok rock for life! enjoy and drop by a hello or two before you leave? click about to see stuff. thank you
  • Listening to: One Ok Rock
  • Reading: The Luxe
  • Watching: Jane The Virgin
  • Playing: Tetris
  • Eating: nuts and berries
  • Drinking: warm water
Wow it was exactly five years ago since I left DA and I wasn't really away but I was eager to learn how to make GIFs and photo blending stuff. But it is here where I learn how to Photoshop minus the artistic talent of course (just put that on the side)

Well a lot had happened these years. I was promoted to a Supervisor in the Kindergarden I am working for the last 10 years and I am an Aunt! My older brother who has a daughter in 2011. Life has been busy seeing her growing up before my eyes and she is going to school next year. Where else but my school ... and no I am certainly am not the one who will be teacher her. Ha

There is not much to say now :) 


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