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Fly Hayley, Fly

This was made quite sometime ago at my tumblr. I enjoy GIF and animations so much and I dedicate this to all Paramore fans!
Dear Diary,

I was blind as a bat, to fall into your gracious hand,
Not knowing the whole truth,
only to find out I was being used,

I do not know what to think,
Though I wish I know why,
Because after all these times,
I’ve been your slave to your evil crimes,

I was being such a fool for believing in you,
Just like a jester you made me the entertainment,
in your evil court, because you were witty indeed,
having your twisted mind plotting as you make me bleed,

I know you’ve always wanted to be a king,
but not like this,
You pretend to be sweet and caring,
as the words you sang seems like melodies to me,
the touches of your hands, soothe me like a baby,
but I felt in too deep, as your evil snore,
came in slowly and creep,

God I hate you, and I will come for you,
I will be here to destroy you,
Watch for it as it will happen,
As I will have witnesses, from up upon the heaven,
it’ll judge you like you’ve been a sinner,
it will judge you for all your dark hearts,
you’ll have no place among the skies,
but only my sword through your gut.

ayujaded​ © 2015 Alsa Haslinda
Post Betrayal

This poem was inspired by the book Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it to every one.
In Both Worlds by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
In Both Worlds

I feel roots of veins, slowly expanding down my neck
And now I feel it is crawling out of my pores,
Humans see me as vulture at night,
But they do not know, I am hated by my own kind,
I was decline, from the moment of my birth,
Until now that I am age nine,
as dying angels, slowly land on earth,
on this land, of my beloved birth,

As I sink deep within the ocean,
Hoping to find others like me,
A true kind will accept me,

Who would accept me with love?
And now I sink again deeper into the core,
As my heart feels hurt and sore
I can’t take this anymore,
As I fall but I still can’t feel the ground
All I want is to be drowned, in this unknown society
All I ever wanted to be, is to feel needed and living glee
And now I am resting in peace
Embedded deep within this dark sea
As I leave them behind, without any trace of life and sign


Model : Google Image

Choose Your Battles Texture Pack #8 by Paynetrainby marioantonio23

The Colours of Texturousby texturous

Pack7-by Thisslightby timelights

10 big textures - retro showby yunyunsarang

re-stocked :: A COLLECTION OF STOCKSby Diagonas



Proud Mutant
alsa haslinda
proud malaysian. loves the photoshop, music, tv, reading, writing, coffee and so much more. family is my main priority in life, as well as hail empress of all jpop, ayumi hamasaki, paramore and one ok rock for life! enjoy and drop by a hello or two before you leave? click about to see stuff. thank you
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Wow it was exactly five years ago since I left DA and I wasn't really away but I was eager to learn how to make GIFs and photo blending stuff. But it is here where I learn how to Photoshop minus the artistic talent of course (just put that on the side)

Well a lot had happened these years. I was promoted to a Supervisor in the Kindergarden I am working for the last 10 years and I am an Aunt! My older brother who has a daughter in 2011. Life has been busy seeing her growing up before my eyes and she is going to school next year. Where else but my school ... and no I am certainly am not the one who will be teacher her. Ha

There is not much to say now :) 

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